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Head Spins

Christopher woke us up at 2am, thirsty and with fever. He's been healthy for so long (except while we were in Minnesota; in Germany he hasn't missed any daycare in over a year), we've almost forgotten what it's like for him to be sick. For the first time, he wanted to come to our bed. We let him fall asleep there, then brought him back down. We don't want to start anything.

Of course, by the time I got back to sleep it was time to get up already, so I could have just as well skipped it.

Christopher and I just had a scare. We were almost home from daycare, already in Lüllau. I could see our neighbor was cutting trees, tall ones. What I didn’t know was that the tree being cut right then was half rotted and was falling in the wrong direction… toward the highway! It landed right in front of my car. It didn’t touch us, we were able to stop in time, and we weren’t hurt. I’m sure our neighbor was more shocked and surprised than we were.</p>

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