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Right Turn On Red

Via dangerousmeta In These Times Europe?s Right Turn gets it wrong on several counts, at least in regards to Germany. September 11 and the war on terrorism has had virtually no effect on German politics. The SPD lost Hamburg on local issues, and the Schill 'Law and Order' Party is not overtly anti-immigrant. The NPD is not making political inroads anywhere, its political impact is nil. The losses of the Greens are not despite the pro-war Fischer, but because of him; he's undercutting the pacifist base. Stoiber is talking now as a national candidate much differently than he did as a state prime minister. He could make Euroskeptic noises when leading Bavaria, but not now as a national leader. He's not in the same boat as Haider. And eastern Germany is not particularly pro-Stoiber. Eastern voters tend to vote all over the map, and with only 18% of the vote, will not be a critical factor this fall.

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