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Made It Through The Night

Staying home yesterday seemed to be good for Christopher. He slept a lot, until 8:30 in the morning and in the afternoon for over 3 hours, much than he would have at daycare. Now he's slept through the night for the first time in a week. And he woke up bright and healthy, so he spent a happy day at daycare.

As for me, it was the commute from hell. All the roads were iced up, plus there the Autobahn A1 was closed due to an accident, and all the traffic was re-routed through Buchholz. Since our daycare is in Buchholz, that meant I could drive in to drop off Christopher, but could not get out.

The drive could have easily taken two hours. I couldn't even turn around to get back home. I decided to drive away from the Autobahn to the next village with a train station, and got to work in about 90 minutes.

My day didn't improve any after I got to work, so I really would have been better off staying home.

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