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Progress Report


Milestone check for Christopher:

  • We recognized his first sentence yesterday, "Nana essen" (Eat banana), which of course has to do with eating. Earlier in the week he said "Mama mehr" (Mama more), which was disqualified for not having a verb.
  • This morning for the first time he seemed content to have his bath in the big bathtub, rather than the plastic baby tub. He's still not really having fun, but we figure he just needs some new tub toys.
  • He's able to start a CD player by himself, but cannot distinguish among music CDs, data CDs, and DVDs (then again, who can without reading the labels?). He got very upset the other day when he couldn't listen to Shrek.
  • Today he was able to climb onto the big slide at the McDonald's indoor playland by himself. It was almost impossible to drag him away.
  • He's right in the middle of the terrible twos, what Germans call the "Trotzphase", testing our authority and our limits. I gets loud sometimes.

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