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My folks are not only going to venture to the wilds of Las Vegas next month to see us, but they're now planning a trip to Europe this August/September with Christopher Ryan as the main attraction. They've already seen more of Europe than I have, but now they are going to take a chartered bus trip through Scandinavia, which starts in London and passes right through Hamburg.

Since they are going to see us after the bus trip, they are flying into Hamburg instead of London, and will join the bus tour here. Of course, their tour ends in London, so the interesting part will be to get them from London back here. Air travel in Europe is anything but cheap, but the no-frills RyanAir has a one-way deal London-Hamburg for £29.99.

Actually, you have to include the parentheses: the flight is from London (Stansted) to Hamburg (Lübeck). Stansted is 56 km from central London, but one ca get there by bus or train. But saying Hamburg (Lübeck) is like saying San Francisco (Sacramento) or New York (Philadelphia). It's a ways out. But for £29.99 noone can complain.

How to get to London Stansted

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