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Flyte Tyme

Our travel needs are pretty simple. All we want to do is to fly to Las Vegas and back.

Actually, Mama has a business meeting is in Vegas, and we'll be staying in Phoenix for R&R afterwards, so we'd like to fly back from Phoenix. And since Mama's employer is paying for her ticket, she needs to book separately. And she has 100,000 Lufthansa frequent flyer miles, and we'd like to pay for my ticket with her miles. That's why we're booking so late... we had to wait for a PIN from Lufthansa. And that's also why we can't take BA through London, which would be cheaper if we had to pay for all the tickets ourselves (but would mean a ground transfer from Heathrow to Gatwick). There aren't enough miles to pay for Christopher, though, so we have to book him separately, as a child under 12, but not unaccompanied.

Lufthansa doesn't fly to Vegas, but we can fly in to Phoenix and take Southwest from there to Vegas, right? No, wait, there are no seats to Phoenix available as frequent flyer premium on the day we need to fly. Can we fly to Denver instead? No, flights from Denver to Vegas and Phoenix are too expensive. How about LAX? That works... we fly in to LAX, then America West to Vegas then on to Phoenix after Mama is done, all for €78 each, then take Lufthansa from Phoenix back home. So that's three HAM-LAX/PHX-HAM, one booked at work, one booked at Lufthansa Miles and More, and one child booked alone, and three LAX-LAS-PHX booked together at America West.

That was the plan. In reality, the return flight from PHX was also closed as a premium flight. Mama had to call Lufthansa to set things right. So we fly through LAX on the way back as well.

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