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Bounce Bounce

Today is the official spring opener. The patio table has been taken out of the shed and has been reassembled for your outdoor pleasure.

How does a two-year-old know that it's the one day of the week his parents can sleep late, and wake up them at at 5:30?

I've been trying to lose weight for the past week, but I have a feeling that the first pounds to go have been from my brain. First yesterday I bought a plane ticket from Lufthansa with the wrong return date, then today I managed to short-circuit the entire house. You see, the outtake hose on our washing machine sometimes clogs. I had to disconnect the hose, let it drain, clean out the filter, then restart the machine. Do you see the missing step? If so, you know how the connection to the extension cord got wet and tripped the main circuit breaker, which coincidentally is next to the washing machine. At least I had enough brain cells left to dry the floor before switching the power back on, otherwise I'd be sure to be up for a Darwin award!

It's going to take me more than a couple weeks to lose weight, though. I'm going to be acting stupid for the next several months.

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