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Dog Food

Time to eat my own dog food, at least at home. I administer a number of FreeBSD servers at work, but I don't have experience with a FreeBD workstation or managing a complete selection of ports. Now I'm going to try to run FreeBSD on my main workstation at home, in place of Debian GNU/Linux. I actually tried this already last year, but got frustrated keeping my ports up-to-date over my ISDN line. Now that I know about the portupgrade utility, that should be a lot easier

I already downloaded the 4 CD set for FreeBSD 4.5 at work. I can install a base system in my sleep, and after a couple of tries I got the standard XFree86 3.x going for my Elsa Gladiac graphic card and USB mouse.

The first packages I installed were cvsup (to keep my src and ports directories up-to-date), ncftp (to quickly find and download things) and portupgrade. I installed the kde packages from the CD (unfortunately, the supplementary kde packages are missing from the CD, so those I had to download). That gave me Konqueror and KMail, so I could surf and read mail.

I then decided what basic programs I wanted to build ports for first, so I could download the distfiles overnight. I need browsers (mozilla, galeon), apache (with SSL, php, mod_perl), editors (vim, xemacs) and graphic tools (gimp, ImageMagick), and an up-to-date KDE. With 'portupgrade -NRF' (install new ports, plus all they depend on, fetch but do not build), I started downloading at 11pm, and it finished at 7:30, when Christopher I were eating breakfast.

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