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Bunny Bread


Here's Christopher with his Easter Rabbit he got from Oma. It's made of bread, so he's having it for breakfast.

Since we didn't get around to searching for Easter eggs yesterday, we did it this morning. Christopher didn't see the point of hard boiled eggs at first, but finding a chocolate bunny made the adventure worthwhile. We've still got 2 packages of Kinder chocolate that he got as presents for Easter. We'll have to try to parcel them out as slowly as we can.

Otherwise, the weather was gorgeous. Christopher was able to spend the whole day outside. With Bobby Car races with neighbor Carolin, a bike ride to the playground, "helping" Mama in the garden, he kept busy all day too.

And in case anybody is wondering, Europe is already on Daylight Savings Time as of yesterday. My Blogtracker is out of whack!

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