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Changing Professions

Another note for Alwin, who did a day of day care yesterday. "...these kids were cared for an entire day by two experienced RNs with years of parenting experience. We could charge what it's worth, but who could afford to pay?"

Our "Tagesm├╝tter" (translates as "day mother", the dry translation is "in-home day care provider") (there are also "Tagesv├Ąter" but they are rare...) has 20 years of professional experience, she teaches and certifies in-home day care providers, founded the state board and is on the national board of in-home day care, and is politically active on the national level on behalf of her profession. (And when she's out politicking, she arranges a substitute at no charge.) Her hourly rate is 25 cents per hour higher than average.

Just so you know what you could expect if you change professions :-)

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