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Germany in the Spring and Jiang Zemin

If you are in charge of tourism for your town, you probably don't have to have Chinese President Jiang Zemin (yes, the People's Daily has a home page for him) drop in for a visit. He's passing through the VW plant in Wolfsburg and the historic town of Goslar near Hannover today. NDR4 Radio reported yester on the security precautions in Goslar. The town center will be sealed off. Police will be posted in all entryways. Noone can enter or leave any building. Noone is allowed is allowed within a 15 m "stone's throw" buffer around the President. No, today is not a good day for normal tourists to visit Goslar. Like the FAZ concludes, all Jiang wants is a spring time photo op.

And stories at home like this: People's Daily: Jiang Calls for Closer China-Germany Cooperation

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