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Not In My Backyard

The Register: Deutsche Bahn sues Google over anarchist links (via Nothing But The Truth [en-US]). The background is the regular shipments by rail of highly concentrated nuclear waste in (supposedly) highly secure Castor containers to a (supposedly) temporary storage facility at Gorleben near L├╝neburg. The shipments are accompanied by protests, massive police presence, actions to block the tracks, and the occasional act of sabotage. (I've mentioned my admiration of the armoured garbage trucks before, and a Google search on Castor and Gorleben in English will find lots of further information.)

Now I'm all for free speech and all that, but there are only three rail routes to L├╝neburg, one of which goes through my town, and if anarchists would like to derail a Castor train as proof of concept that the shipments are unsafe, I'd much rather they do it as far away from my house as possible. For example, in Baltimore or Las Vegas.

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