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Chicken Pox

We arrived in Las Vegas last evening, tired and cranky. And, for Christopher, with chicken pox. It was going around at day care two weeks ago, and we noticed the first blisters and a fever while on the plane. He's not that uncomfortable yet, but he must be highly contagious. So it probably won't be a good idea for us to visit Ian today. I've got the first nap duty, so I'm with him in the room trying out the cable modem at the hotel :-).

Update Here's everything you never wanted to know about chicken pox. Christopher is at starting to itch, but is still in relatively good spirits. He was up from midnight until exactly 5:18 am (with Mama's wake-up call at 6:30). Do I get extra Papa Points for staying up with him? Let's just say it would have been a hell of a lot more convenient to be going through this at home!

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