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This and That from Phoenix

Our dream is to return to the Southwest someday, but it won't be anytime soon. Mama's employer restructured in the US last year, and no longer has a regional office in Phoenix (merging with Denver). Since Mama is a Regional Manager, moving to Phoenix via her employer is out (Denver is not an acceptable alternative). But we looked at a nice abobe-style townhouse anyway, just for fun.

We stayed with Mama's old boss, who still has a job but no longer an office (see above). Instead she has a lot of lonely travel and is somewhat jaded on the company. Our other friend has worked for 3 different oil/convenience store companies in the past year without changing her desk. But she's happy. We all went to a D-Backs game our last night. We had fun, and they won.

LAX sucks for catching connections, especially with a stroller. To switch terminals, you have to go outside and wait for a crowded non-accessable bus. FRA was almost as bad; no bus, but a maze of twisty tunnels, all alike. AMS or even KEF in Iceland are much nicer. Our domestic flights with America West, however, went very well, despite our fears before booking.

Should I be worried that it is now past noon, and Christopher is still sleeping?

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