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Dutch Elections, Fortuyn and Schill

For background in English on the elections in Holland on Wednesday, you might want to check out the Netherlands edition of Expatica, a community website for expatriates with an extensive news section. I'll ask Adam if he thinks the stories there are any good.

I'm also surprised not to have seen any comparisons of Fortuyn with Germany's political maverick, Hamburg's Interior Senator "Judge Merciless" Ronald Schill. They have a number of surface similarities: both are celebrities new to politics, right of center without being radical right, founding parties that bear their names. However, Schill's celebrity is local to Hamburg, and his law-and-order platform is tailored for urban voters. Although his party pulled 4% in Sachsen-Anhalt last month, he doesn't have national ambitions, at least not for this year (he's supporting Stoiber). And Schill is nowhere near as charismatic as Fortuyn.

(The Schill Party website is in German only, but it does have a picture of the good judge, and you can decide for yourself whether he would look any better with a Pim Fortuyn haircut.)

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