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Google Can Be Dangerous For Some People

Extremely strange but true: Der Schockwellenreiter J├Ârg Kantel (perhaps Germany's best known blogger, recently profiled in Focus magazine) found out that some people are too dumb to use Google. To sum up in English: His boss was sent a mail asking why his institute employs a pedophile named Erik M├Âller as IT head. But there is no Erik M├Âller employed there, and the IT head is J├Ârg. What happened? Erik M├Âller is a journalist who wrote a story 'Children are Pornography' on the politcs of censorship in Germany. The said nitwit did a Google Search on 'Erik M├Âller p├Ądophil", which pointed to an entry in J├Ârg's forum (citing a different article by Mr. M├Âller). The dumbhead thought that J├Ârg's picture was that of Mr. M├Âller. clicked to reach J├Ârg's resume, and mailed the accusation to his employer. J├Ârg is considering legal action.

The lesson. Some people believe everything they think they read in the Internet, and cannot be distinguished from idiots.

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