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Blogroll OPML

Userland is starting to give links to blogroll files (in OPML). At diveintomark Mark Pilgrim is showing a script that can parse OPML blogroll files.

Question: I've started using my favorites at as my blogroll. They also offer an OPML version. If I give this file as my blogroll link, will these tools be able to read it?

Martin at Traumwind is also trying out bl.ogs for his blogroll, but he prefers RSS.

Update: I now see the answer was already at today's Scripting News: "Note that it's totally cool to use a different outliner to create your blogroll, as long as it produces an OPML file with an HTTP url, the macro will be able to find it and the weblog will point to it through the head links. I've asked that support an OPML version of the rolls it creates." So I'll add the blogroll <link> and see if anyone complains.

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