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Journalism is Marketing

Dave "Is it marketing or journalism?" and Karl "INDEED" seem to be talking past one another. Dan Gilmor's column (or any Knight-Ridder outlet) would in fact be the very last place I'd expect to see criticism (objective or otherwise) of Knight-Ridder's online presence. If it appeared, I wouldn't believe it anyway, because I'd think a) he's about to get fired, and he's venting off steam in his final column, or b) Knight-Ridder has something up their sleeve, and the criticism is a marketing ploy. The ethical thing is for a journalist to stay quiet about his employer, since he cannot report on them objectively, and leave the reporting to outsiders

Dan Gilmor's online work belongs not to him, but to Knight-Ridder, and Knight-Ridder has every right to throw out all old web pages of his work. It's stupid, of course, but would be typical for a industry where yesterday's product is used to line bird cages. I'm sure they either thought they could make money on their archives, or that it wasn't worth the bother to preserve the old links. But it's unfair to expect Dan to make any comment on that in his column, or even Karl in his weblog, for that matter.

That said, Dave's real point, that we cannot trust the media industry as a whole to report on itself, is well taken.

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