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Politically Very Incorrect

Poster: Deutsche wehrt Euch! Wählt FDP!I just saw this today at Spiegel Online... the German satire magazine Titanic took the current anti-Semitic flap within the FDP (the neo-liberal Free Democratic Party) and its "fun party" image to its natural conclusion, and sent fake election campaigners (in party colors, yellow shirts and blue ties) and tasteless posters to Eisenach. "Judenfrei and Spass dabei" (No Jews and we're having fun). "Deutsche wehrt Euch! Wählt FDP!" (Germans defend yourselves! Vote FDP!) Not only did noone notice the joke, but the local FDP chairman had himself photographed in all seriousness with the fake campaigners.

The German flagrant blogger posted this, so I guess the humor can't be too politically incorrect to post. The FDP is considering legal action against the magazine.

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