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Hey Shrek! Tag Me! Tag Me!

There are times you're awfully glad to be one-half of a parenting tag team. There are days when one of the halves just isn't up to it, and the other half can take over. There are nights when you just can't just wash his face, brush his teeth, and put him in bed. You have to let him wash your face with his wet washcloth (as well as your hair, your ears, your chest, and whatever else he can reach), put toothpaste on his brush 3 times and let him use 3 cups of water to rinse his mouth, and read Winnie The Pooh, The Farm Book, and The Hungry Little Caterpillar before he even thinks of lying down. That's just how it goes. After all, Mom took him to a charity summer party and to watch trains at Hamburg Hauptbahnhof. I guess I can spend a hour with him to wind him down.

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