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We're Still Here, and Another Mac Question

We're 'enjoying' the north Germany 'high summer' (cloudy, cold, rainy). (Update: So is Nico.) Work is busier than ever since we've been minus one for 6 weeks. (My ex-colleague was able to find work already, administering firewalls for the world's largest catalog merchant.) I can't stretch my work day past Christopher's pick-up time at day care, so it's a daily struggle to get things done before having to leave.

A follow-up on my Mac question from a couple months ago. We did end up getting a TFT iMac for our QM department. (It arrived within 24 hours, so I guess Apple is indeed having trouble selling them. And why did it come with only OS 9.2 installed?). My question: Are there any web resources for PC/Unix admins adding the first Mac to their network? I find plenty of infos for users switching to Macs, but not for PC admins who now have a new beast in their menagerie. (I do know about Dive Into OSX, but that seems to be for experienced Mac admins.)

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