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Pardon More of Our Dust

Mama decided we need a new ceiling in the kitchen. That's OK, since we hadn't yet covered the concrete panels that make up our ground floor ceiling with anything more than a coat of paint and a couple of ceiling lamps. And it's mostly her money in the bank account, so she can spend it how she wants. So we're having sheet rock hung 5 cm under the present ceiling, with a few halogen spots built in. It will look nice, I'm sure. And the carpenters say it will take just 3 days, except for the painting. And now, after 2 days, they are 3/4 done, ahead of schedule actually, but the entire kitchen and living room are covered in fine white sheet rock dust. That dust is enough to drive you crazy. And it has. It starts making you wipe or sweep in some corner, muttering like MacBeth's wife, 'Out, out, damned dust', even though you know the dust will be back tomorrow.

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