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Bear and Fish

Christopher's current favorite book is Just Me and My Dad, a Little Critter book by Mercer Mayer he got from our friend Karen in Arizona. He calls it 'Bear and Fish', because his favorite scene is when a bear steals a fish from the father and son while camping. He'll even pound on the page with his hands to try to fight the bear off.

I noticed this weekend that his jabbering now consists of over 50% real German or English words that adults can understand. Maybe he's talking only just as much as he always has, but I can understand more and more of what he is saying, so he's catching my attention more often. And I realize that he is still learning about 10 times as fast as I can, and that he's talking about all the new things he is learning. That's scary, and at the same time exciting. He could probably even solve this problem of installing the current php-xmldom on Mandrake Linux via rpm I've been fighting all weekend.

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