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It's Raining Men

As a kid, I always wondered why rainfall, as a liquid, was measured in inches, a linear unit, and not in unit of volume like pints, gallons, or acre-feet. In Germany, rainfall is measured in liters per square meter, which have satisfied my childhood sense of logic. And can easily be converted to linear units, since a liter is (10 cm)3, 1 l/m2 is equal to 1 mm of rainfall.

I say all this only because it has been raining all week, and it's raining again today. Our part of northern Germany received 150 l/m2 (6 inches) within a few hours a couple of days ago, Some towns near us (Soltau, Buxtehude, Stade) were flooded, the dike along the Elbe in Drochtersen (where Mama's brother Roland lives) threatened to break, and the highway in Horneburg (near Buxtehude, the route we drive to visit Roland) is still flooded out. along with several homes.

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