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I Hate Banks

I hate banks... no, let me rephrase that. My employer's customers are banks, which means they pay my salary, so I love banks. So much that I set up a web-based bugtracker so they can report problems with our software directly to us. Except that that their sys admins are paranoid, and they test our system in a firewalled network with no internet access. So they can't access our bugtracker. And they still want to track bugs. And the idea of bringng a notebook with a WiFi card, or even a plain old modem dialed in to T-Online, into their stinking white room hasn't occurred to them. I hate banks.

Actually, since the customer is always right, I should blame our project manager for not giving me the correct specs, like 'build a web-based bugtracking system than can also be used by users without web access'.

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