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In-Laws to Royalty

My parents are finalizing their plans for a tour through Scandinavia, with a Christopher visits both before and afterwards. While telephoning this evening, my father told me a family story that I hadn't heard before... that a cousin(?) of my grandmother was married to a sibling(?) of King Olav of Norway. Or so says my great uncle, who says the cousin accompanied the King on one of his visits to Minneapolis, and called him in rural Minnesota to ask him to come visit. My great uncle had to decline, as he no longer drove and could not get to Minneapolis (and didn't think to ask one of his nephews to drive for him). Details are hard to confirm, as my great uncle is now both elderly and very hard of hearing. At any rate, I will not be knocking on the door of Crown Prince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit, claiming to be a long-lost in-law.

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