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20% Of Doctor Bills Are Wrong

Since Alwin is interested in German health insurance, FAZ (in German) Sickness Funds believe every fifth doctor's bill are wrong, and propose tougher penalties for billing fraud (suspension of practice) and payola from drug companies (cancelling drug patents). In the German health care system, doctors seem to get the short end of the financial stick. Patients never see the bill, it gets sent directly to the Krankenkasse, so the risk of getting caught submitting a fake bill is slight. (Unless you are a gynecologist submitting bills for male patients, as in one fraud case I heard about.) One reform proposal is to send patients copies of their bills. They still would pay nothing, but they know how they were treated and can spot irregularities better than the Sickness Funds. And the typical Geman is very good at complaining about irregularities.

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