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Faster But Lower

The Elbe flood seems to be weakening just a bit as it approaches Hamburg. The crest appears to have passed Magdeburg without any parts of the city going under water. Tonight the TV reports are from Dönitz and Hitzacker, on what used to be the inner-German border. The crest seems to be 50 cm lower than expected, as water has been diverted into polders upstream. The problem up north will be not so much the Elbe itself, as the Elbe dykes seem to be holding, but rather the flood backing up into its tributaries.

Mama has a cousin in a flooded village in Meck-Pomm. One of her department heads still has a house in Magdeburg, which is not flooded. Another lives in Geesthacht, of which parts (including one of Mama's restaurants) will be flooded by Saturday. In our county, the dyke should hold.

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