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Random Notes 22 Aug 02

Between all the flood pictures on TV and watching ships at Cuxhaven last weekend and Lübeck on Wednesday, Christopher's latest craze is boats. Mama and I are taking a couple of days off together, and today we took Christopher on a harbor tour. Lots of boats there. Tomorrow we'll hit the beach at Lübeck again. Papa wasn't along last time.

We were both somewhat consternated by the disappearance of our digital camera a couple of weeks ago, just before my parents arrived. We were at the point of accusing one another of losing it, or leaving it at the playground. This evening it showed up. Christopher found it in his Lego box. Now we know who is really to blame.

Mama promised her nephew that I'd put together a PC for him (nice of her to make promises for me), so I'm scrounging around for old parts. I had a 20 GB hard disk laying around, but seeing as Mama still had just 6 GB, I decided to let her have the 20. She really needs a Windows reinstall, but I was too lazy. I just Partition-Magic'd everything over. PM was even smart enough to make the new disk bootable.

Garret and Jörg (update and Martin too, of course) are not the last bloggers on dial-up. We're still connecting via ISDN too. Now Mama is dialing in to her employer quite a bit, and we often have both ISDN lines blocked, often enough that her boss has suggested we get another ISDN line. I thought maybe the Telekom might want to sell us ISDN+DSL, but they didn't seem too anxious for our business (we'd have to first cancel our present line, then they could check if DSL is available for us). So we'll stick with our alternative provider EWE Tel. They're working on DSL, and might get it out here eventually. was down for a few hours, so my blog roll has a hole in it for today. It's back up now.

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