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After the deluge, moi? | The continent awash is a good summary of the flood situation and its aftermath (except that it's a Jahrtausendflut, not a Jahrhundertflut). Whether he deserves it or not, 4 weeks before the election Schröder is getting a boost in the polls as a result of the flood crisis, pulling the SPD nearly even with the CDU/CSU after trailing by 5 points a month ago.

Locally the flood has crested, but is sinking very slowly, soaking and weakening the dykes. In Amt Neuhaus and Dannenberg, east of Lüneburg, Bundeswehr troops and volunteers are still shoring up the dykes with sandbags. In Dresden, over 100 of Mama's fellow employees have been severely affected, losing all their household belongings. Her employer is organizing donations.

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