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IndyMedia isn't?

Alwin made a couple of comments on IndyMedia. Apart from giving an unconventional definition of 'independent' ("Independent means not taking sides. Doesn't it?"), he later comments if it just seperated the editorial from the content, it would be more credible to me. (See also Karl's comments.)

I personally find IndyMedia to be unprofessional and to often play somewhat fast and loose with the facts. But I think there is no such thing as news content devoid of editorial. All news has a point of view, whether it comes from AOL Time Warner or The Weekly Reader. The very fact that news reporters and publishers are a part of society means that they have a personal stake in the news they present. Their point of view cannot be cloaked, and is expressed even in the words they use and what they choose not to report.

A reporter without a point of view has nothing to report. News without a point of view would be utterly boring, and would not worth reading. Or buying. News without a point of view would be worthless.

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