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Where Am I Coming From

I'm dense, so it wasn't until Karl mentioned it a second time that I realized that that people were blogging stories in five words or less.

Maybe my story is that of just having turned 40 and realizing that life is now going downhill instead of uphill. Or that of having a son who learns faster than I can but still learns from me. Or realizing that I had to leave my parents to realize how much like them I am. Or that I had to leave my country to realize how much a citizen of my country I am.

Life is in constant motion, and we do not have the perspective to pinpoint where we are right now. We can only look back at where we have been and calculate our present position by interpolation. And maybe we can guess where we will be tomorrow.

In the same way, I cannot understand others by simply knowing where they are now. I also must know where they have been. They have been places where I've never been, and I can learn from them, even if I don't understand that right now.

It's very important to know where am I coming from. I've deliberately left off the question mark.

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