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Anniversary of Terror

Today is both the 25th anniversary of the Schleyer Kidnapping by the Red Army Faction (which culminated in the storming of a hijacked Lufthansa jet in Somalia, the suicide pact of the RAF leadership in prison, and the murder of Schleyer) as well as the 30th anniversary of the Massacre of Israeli Athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. I've noticed several references to the former in the German media today. I've seen absolutely no references to the latter.

Update: Shark Blog points to an article on the Olympic Massacre in the S├╝ddeutsche last week. And I remember seeing a German documentary about it, so it's not as if Germans have repressed the event from their collective memory. It perhaps is not given the weight it deserves. The first time Mama and I were in Munich, we went to the Olympic Village hoping to find a memorial to the slain Israeli athletes. We found a plaque in front of House 31, but nothing else. It seemed totally inadequate.

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