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Fear of America, and of being left out

I've recently started reading The Economist again, and there are so many good points in it I should really link to the whole thing every week. This week's Charlemagne (Fear of America, and of being left out: Why Europe will probably give in over Iraq) is a case in point:

Eminent Americans visiting Europe recently often seem to find themselves in a state of bewilderment, almost as if they had stumbled into some sort of parallel universe. ?We in America think of September 11th as an event that changed the world,? says Bill Kristol, editor of the neo-conservative Weekly Standard, ?but the Europeans seem to regard it as an event that changed America.? Robert Kagan, author of a much-applauded article on the gulf between Europe and America, comments that ?American policymakers find it hard to believe, but leading officials in Europe worry more about how the US might mishandle the problem of Iraq?by undertaking unilateral or extra-legal military action?than they worry about Iraq itself.?

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