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Online Registration

So after almost 3 years, I resolved to finally get Christopher his US Passport, or at least get him registered at the American Consulate so he can get a SSN and vote and pay taxes and all that fun stuff. I had been putting it off until now at the high cost ($40 for registration + $40 dollars for passport, cash only, and if you don't pay in dollars you get a really bad exchange rate). Going to, I see 1) they've raised their prices to $65 / € 78 (who does their banking?!?), 2) I have to get a special birth certificate for Christopher, and 3) they want a certified marriage certificate, which we no longer have since we submitted it when registered our marriage here. OK, I have to order some documents. <a href="""> lets you order birth certificates online without a credit card (long live COD!), if you can figure out which of the half-dozen offices in Hamburg is responsible for the location of the birth. does not offer marriage certificates online, but does offer a fax number for requests (have your credit card number handy!). However, once I get the paperwork together, I cannot complete Christopher's registration online or even by mail. That must be done in person at the consulate. I just love having to go through armed guards to do business with my government.

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