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You May Be Right

I noticed that Brent's weblogs and weren't showing up on my blogroll, and asked Brent whether he was still pinging He replied that he's not (inadvertantly), and that may have outlived its usefulness anyway.

To paraphrase William Joel, 'you may be right'. I'm finding a number of sites that I'd like to follow don't ping or ping irregularly, and that a number of pings are false alarms. But is maintaining local copies of 50 RSS feeds over dialup really a better alternative?

With all due respect to desktop RSS readers, I have too many desktops for that to be practical. The only thing my desktops have in common is Mozilla. For me it makes more sense to keep the feeds I want to follow at my hosting server. It doesn't bother me to have my feeds publicly accessible. I want people to know what I read. I don't want an Amphetadesk, I want an Amphetaserver!

Martin has put together an RSS reader with PHP, and that might be the direction I'll go.

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