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Who's Guarding the Asylum?

Let's scroll down the stories this evening at Spiegel Online...

Top story. Edmund Stoiber, answering a question from the audience in a TV interview. saied that as Chancellor he wouldn't allow use of American bases in Germany for a unilateral US attack on Iraq. Either he left his brain in the make-up room, or he's decided to out-Schröder Schröder, who has been careful not even to hint denying German airspace to US forces.

Further down. FDP candidate Guido '18' Westerwelle is refusing to make campaign appearances with his vice-chair Jürgen 'Paratrooper' Möllemann, after Möllemann this week mailed out brochures repeating his attacks on Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the Vice President of the German Jewish Council Michel Friedman.

And yet further down. Justice Minister Herta Däubler-Gmelin is accused of comparing George W. Bush with Adolf Hitler. She was quoted by the newspaper Schwäbischen Tagblatts: "Bush wants to distract from his domestic political problems. That's a popular tactic. Even Hitler did that." Däubler-Gmelin denies comparing Bush with Hitler.

Have Germany's politicians all lost their minds? No, only their nerves. There are just 72 hours until the polls close on Sunday.

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