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The Other Shoe

A couple months ago, I mentioned lay-offs by my employer, hitting a direct co-worker of mine, and wondered if it was the beginning of a death spiral. We seem to have taken another turn for the worse. Only this time we have a Betriebsrat (worker's council), so instead of being told by management what's going to happen, we are being offered a choice. Either we can reduce our pay by 2-10% (sliding scale based on salary) for the next 3 months (and only the next 3 months) and give up 3-5 vacation days for this year (and only this year), and be compensated with stock options (ha!) for the financial loss, or else another round of lay-offs is inevitable. I rather doubt that enough of us our willing to sign off on the reductions, and thus my mood about work and life in general is not all that good this evening. Hmmph.

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