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Why did I switch blogging systems? It's directly related to the shaky situation at work. If I'm going to be looking for work in a few weeks, I need to focus on my strengths, which are PHP and MySQL. And it only makes sense to run my weblog with those same technologies. Nothing against Movable Type. It's a very good, well thought out system. But right now I need something simple that I can extend, to hone my skills, and maybe shore up my resumé.

What caused the penny to drop for me was a comment by Jonathon Delacour that he didn't want to become a PHP programmer, his focus was on writing. Since I do program PHP for a living, and would like to continue to do so, I had better start living, thinking and dreaming in PHP. Even if I don't end up leaving my employer.

I've learned that simple database structures can be a lifesaver. Movable Type uses 17 tables, and many of the fields are obsolete. pMachine, which I nearly switched to, uses 25 tables. b2 (or Cafepress, I'm not sure why there are two names) has just 5: posts, categories, comments, users, and settings. In moving my posts and comments from MT, it was fairly easy to find which columns to copy over, keeping in mind which functions in MT are not supported in b2. I had to run the text through the nl2br function in PHP, that was the only real complication.

B2 does not implement a template system. The template index.php is in PHP, and you get real grease you get on your fingers when you touch it. I like that. I'm looking forward to getting my fingers dirty.

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