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Weblogs and your job

After several cases in the States of webloggers losing their jobs because of their weblogs (I'm just linking two out of lack of time), we now have a case in Germany. She hasn't lost her job yet, but Simone of bluepixel (site now blank) has been given a Abmanhung (cease and desist order, legal step before being fired) by her employer for allegedly revealing company secrets on her blog. Examples of reactions are from Bloghaus, Sunflyer, Pepilog, Nico and Der Schockwellenreiter. All I can add is that a weblog is not a private place. It's public. You have to write as if your employer is reading every word, as well as your wife, your lover, your parents, your children, your enemies, and the whole world. Then again, if your boss is going to be such a jerk, you're probably better off without that boss.

Simone wrote often about how she'd rather be at the North Sea. Who wouldn't?

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