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Christopher is starting to become frightened of monsters. For example, I had thought that Monsters, Inc. would be a cute video for us to watch together, but after the first two minutes, he demanded that I turn it off. Since then, the couple of toys he has from that movie have been at the bottom the the toy favorite list (as in he throws them down the stairs everytime he notices them). And yesterday's Sesamstrasse had a theme of scary shadows that look like monsters, and the theme did not please him at all. He was impressed by on clip where the monster in Ernie's bedroom turned out to be a quilt. That became his mantra for the next hour. "Monster. Quilt. Monster. Quilt."

I was reminded of monsters by today's Bleat, which also provides an accurate description of what happens to a father's psyche when the mother is out of town for several days.

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