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My Chaotic Life

Mama's in Munich for 'media training' until tomorrow night, and Christopher is at his substitute Tagesmutter Petra, since Heidi is at a conference. Petra usually doesn't work afternoons, but keeps Christopher until 5 pm as a favor to us. So I make an extra effort to pick him up on time. Except this afternoon on the Autobahn, I hear a strange clunking from the back of my car just after the Elbtunnel. Pull off into an industrial area, and sure enough, the right rear tire has blown. No sweat, pull out the spare tire, get the car up on the jack, and pull off the bad wheel. It won't budge. It's stuck as if it were welded on.

Time to start getting creative. Call the auto club. Call Mama, who has Petra's number. Call Petra. Wait. Call Mama's sister-in-law to pick Christopher up... not home. Call Oma... she's home, and can pick him up. Call Petra to say Oma will pick up Christopher, and will even bring him to our house. A hour has gone by. Call auto club again, I'm next in line. Wait. There's the auto club car, but doesn't come to me He stops across the street! A guy there apparently called first. Wait half an hour for the auto club man to fix his Audi.

At 7 pm, 2 hours after my first call, the auto club car finally crosses the street to me. My wheel is rusted tight, says the auto club man. He pulls out a hammer and a piece of wood, and after about a dozen hits the wheel finally starts to budge. Change tire, fill out auto club form, call Mama to say everything is alright, call Oma to say I'm on my way, and arrive home 2-3/4 hours late. Christopher was nearly asleep, but wakes up when he hears me, takes an hour to settle down, and falls asleep on the couch instead of in bed.

This wouldn't have been at all possible to manage without a cell phone. There wasn't a pay phone anywhere near where I stopped. And in case you're wondering why my posts are few and far between and why I'm still using the b2 default layout... stop wondering.

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