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Berlin Polices The Internet

Die Berliner AntiFa bittet um ihre Mithilfe The Berlin Police does not want you to see this graphic, a parody of a 'wanted' poster depicting alledged acts of police brutality on May Day. As reported by Der Schockwellenreiter and Heise, the police threatened to shut down the website of the creators of the parody, the Anitfascist Action Berlin, unless the posters was pulled from their website. The police have now started issuing similar threats to sites mirroring the poster, and Der Schockwellenreiter has called on bloggers everywhere to mirror the poster to render the censorship efforts absurd. Now, I find the poster in questionable taste, as well as the whole 'tradition' of May Day rioting, but I should be able to view the poster myself and make my own decision.

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