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Tunnel Vision

Hamburger Abendblatt: 500 000 Hamburger guckten in die Röhre. They were expecting 100,000 to come see the new Elbtunnel. It turned out to be 500,000, and it was absolute chaos as the shuttle buses and ferries were unable to keep up, And even today, with the new tube open for traffic, there was still 18 km backed up for morning rush hour, since there are still only 2 lanes free in each direction. And the impatient try their luck with the Elbe Bridge, which was then backed up for 12 km. That's where I was stuck, which I only mention because after crawling in traffic for over an hour this morning, I mistimed a red light downtown. In the intersection saw the flash of the cameras on both sides of my car after it turned red. I can only hope that I was within the 2 second tolerance, or that the cameras were out of film. Or both.

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