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Gentoo Linux

After reading the article Gentoo Linux Reloaded, I decided to give Gentoo Linux a try, despite the bad experiences of some that I have read about. The portage system, baed on FreeBSD ports, sounds good, and this could finally be a maintainable source-based Linux system. Even if you have an install CD, there's still a lot to download, since the sources are not on the CD (I cheated and did a test install at work, then burned a CD with the distfiles). But even though you no longer have to compile your own compiler when installing, you still have to compile your own kernel. And they don't let you copy the kernel from the install CD. I guess that would be cheating. I haven't compiled a Linux kernel from scratch in many moons, we'll see how many tries it takes to get something that boots. My test install at work didn't boot, but it was under VMWare so maybe it was doomed to fail anyway. Update In the time it took to write this post, the kernel finished compiling and worked on the first try. However, grub took two tries to work correctly. But now my Gentoo is happily updating itself.

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