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Who's On First?

Mama and I have to coordinate our schedules pretty closely. Actually, I need to coordinate to her schedule, since my schedule doesn't change much. I knew her boss was in town Tuesday and Wednesday this week, but Mama could still wake Christopher on Wednesday. And she could pick him up after work on Thursday, today.

So this morning when I woke up, I was somewhat surprised to find her alarm turned off and that she was already up. And dressed. And gone.

Good thing I noticed she was gone, since often during the week we don't see each other in the morning. Otherwise I would have driven off, and Christopher would have played trains all day long alone at home.

Turns out she had an early meeting this morning, but could come home early this afternoon. She was so happy that she could cover for me in the afternoon that she forgot to say that I had to take her shift in the morning. I was a bit angry at first, but since I'm the flexible one, and not the breadwinner one, I grudgingly woke Christopher, brought him to his Tagesmutter, got stuck in traffic on the way to the city, and got to work 2 hours later than I had planned.

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