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Deep Dark Links

OK, 60% of the vote has been counted, and Mondale hasn't quite lost the Minnesota Senate race yet, so I still have time to tell my Mondale story. In our Minneapolis days, in 1985 or so, I was working weekend nights at the radio room at StarTribune: Newspaper of the Known Universe. My job was to listen to police radio and wake up a photographer if anything interesting happened. (Note that I was not to wake up a reporter. Words can be written after the fact.) Anyway, one boring night I was looking through the desk drawer, and discovered hundreds of xeroxed address labels, all with the same address. Walter Mondale's law firm in Washington. I have no idea what the news room was regularly sending to Walter Mondale... it certainly wasn't his newspaper subscription. I imagine there was some deep dark link between the paper and the politician. I have a vivid imagination.

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