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On The Cover of the Rolling Stone

Yo, still here. Christopher is home sick, and while Oma has been able to stay with him it still throws a stick into the spokes of our schedule. Plus this is the week of reckoning at work, as the dreaded 6-weeks-before-the-end-of-the-quarter deadline for terminating employment contracts looms. An all company meeting is set for Friday. The rumors are flying, since everyone knows we haven't landed any new contracts, and I remain cautiously pessimistic. Mama's employer isn't doing that well either, but since it is a Dow Jones company everyone hears about their problems. So she's busy cutting costs too.

Meanwhile, Mama was pictured last week in the Bild Zeitung. No, not as a Bild Girl, but together with her boss as a promo for her employer. And only in the Hannover edition.

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