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Wha Happened?

A couple people missed me at the usual address. That's nice.

For German .de domains there is no evil Network Solutions/Verisign monopoly. There is a central registrar DENIC, but as an end-user you deal with your provider or hoster. I moved to a hoster in the US, and they are obviously not a DENIC member, so I had to find a domain-only provider. I've used one in the past, without any problems, but I thought I'd try someone new that was a bit less expensive and with online domain administration and a free basic DNS (only one A record, but that's all I need).

Apparently they recycled my paperwork, and after having set up my domain on Saturday, they set it up again on Wednesday, erasing my previous settings (and my A record). then resolved to their redirect server. I was able to correct the A record immediately when I saw the error, but their DNS has a TTL of 24 hours, meaning that everyone who had received the bad address wouldn't get the correct address for 24 hours. In the meantime I set up a series of redirects that send the bad address to the temporary domain.

All of this would have been catastrophic if I would actually post anything of value here. As it was, the damage was minimal. And I could have avoided all this by using a real DNS hoster, even though they cost extra.

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