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Generic Links

As I threatened to do a couple of days ago, I've converted all the internal links to a generic /YYYY/MM/DD format. The individual posts have .html endings for easier reading, but since the file ending is ignored it doesn't affect anything. will work as well, or even

b2 was fairly cooperative with all of this. In index.php, the individual link is now <a href="<?php the_time('/Y/m/d/');the_id(); ?>.html">. b2archives.php had to be adjusted to output the new monthly archive links. The *_popup_link functions output relative links that are now wrong in the archive pages. I had to adjust them to add a slash at the beginning of the href. Just for fun, I made the date headline into a link to a daily archive. That function is now really ugly: <?php the_date('/Y/m/d/"><h2>d.m.y','<a href="',"</h2></a>");

The RewriteRules are the as before, except that each [R,L] has been replaced with an [L], i.e. the link is not redirected to the rewritten link. And of course, the old index.php?p=blah&more=1&c=1 links still work as well.

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